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So this is the start of my Youtube channel with my twin sister Kaitlyn aka The Layered Lineup. We will be doing a lot of videos together and some separate. It's an exciting and scary journey all at the same time. At first we will start slow and then make more as we get more comfortable. I hope you all enjoy the first video! 

My portion of this shoe collection starts right after the intro and it is a mix of all my go-to's and most worn shoes. I do have to say I have quite a few black boots in the mix but you can never have too many. Below I will have links on where you can buy these shoes in order of appearance. 

GUCCI Princetown leather slipper - Suggestion for everyone on these is that you click on your size and then click on "Find it in Store" and look at the list of potential places that might have them in stock. Give the number listed for the corresponding store nearest to you for convenience and see if they have them in the store. You can then order them over the phone and receive them wayyyyy quicker than waiting for a backordered item on the site!

SAINT LAURENT Monogram Espadrille in Rose Leather - Unfortunately these are unavailable online but the good thing is there is still hope. Saint Laurent also has a "Find it in a Store" button so you can just call one of the stores listed under your size and see if they are still available at a store nearest to you. This is how I had to purchase my pair and they came within 3 days. 

SAINT LAURENT Jodhpur Boots in Black Leather - I linked the boots to the Saint Laurent website but I actually bought mine a couple hundred dollars cheaper off Lyst from a different country. 

SAINT LAURENT Rock Chelsea Suede Boots in Tan - I actually bought my pair in person at Sak's Fifth Avenue if I remember correctly and I got them half off. It was one of their big sales around New Year's. 

ADIDAS Yeezy Boost 350 Moonrock - These do not really need an explanation other than maybe how I actually snagged a pair of these for retail price. I got them from Barney's New York online on the morning of the launch date. I woke up a little early from my alarm set for the launch time on Barney's just because I was actually a bit nervous about it. (Stupid to be nervous over a pair of shoes but it was my first time trying and I didn't know what to expect). Anyways I thought I would look on Twitter and type in "yeezy boost 350' and I noticed a tweet by some guy saying "thanks barney's for putting up the yeezy's early I got mine". I immediately freaked out and went onto the site to see they actually were on there early. After countless refreshing because it kept refreshing, even while I was putting my card info in I got a pair. Honestly such a rewarding experience even though it was a BITCH to get. After that I have tried a couple other times and haven't gotten any luck. Beginner's luck I guess.

NIKE Tennis Classic - Got these from the site that is linked and I found a coupon code somewhere online so I got them a little cheaper than list price.

TOPSHOP Magnificent Sock Boot in Black - I linked a similar pair because the exact pair is sold out.

ACNE STUDIOS Jensen Boots in Black - I had to link a similar pair because I have the smooth leather boots.

ZARA Gold Ankle Boots - These are unfortunately sold out.

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