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When I pick an item I like to look at how many ways I can wear it. This post shows you two ways to wear a striped dress. The first way is to wear it as a shirt. This way it allows you to wear pants and make it a polished look with a pair of heels. Now if you want you can totally swap out the red pants with a pair of high waisted denim jeans and it would be a completely different look. For the second look I wore it as its original purpose, a dress. Normally when you wear a dress you think posh with heels on a night out, however now more than ever dresses are used in conjunction with athletic wear. So for my look I paired the dress with my Adidas track jacket and a pair of Nike Air Force 1's. The dress was a tad short on me as it was only a one size fits all but someone shorter than I am would suit this perfectly. Or if you love the dress and want to style it like my first look it would be perfect that way too. This dress is versatile in so many ways other than a dress which is something I have learned to do more and more.

Dress: Sammydress

dress provided by Sammydress

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