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Beauty products are an addiction of mine so when I find something good it quickly rotates into my everyday routine. Some have stuck around for a while and no matter how many times I try something else I always go back to it. A list of my current faves are listed below with descriptions on why they are my faves and maybe soon to be yours too.

Forever21 earrings pack (in stores)- These are so awesome, I bought these for my trip to NYC for Governors Ball music festival and wore one of each kind in my ear. I love that you have the option to wear one short one and one long one or both short or both long. Best part about it is that they are super cheap.

YSL babydoll mascara- This mascara has been my go to for about a year now on and off. When I say on and off it's because I always try new mascara to see if it will top the YSL one and then when it doesn't I quickly run back to it. It is just amazing, at first when you get it, it is a little too wet so I get a tissue and rub a little off. When it gets a bit of use it is just truly beautiful on. It never flakes and smudges under my eyes and it makes my lash look incredibly long and full. If you haven't tried this yet you definitely should.

Loreal brow plumper (medium to dark 380)- Recently I have been really loving this. I typically use Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade with the clear brow gel but the Loreal gives a much more natural look. I use it with the Anastasia brow wiz and lightly line the bottom of my brow and the tail of my brow and then lightly fill in where I have sparse areas. Then I go in with the Loreal brow plumper and it looks so pretty and natural.

Laura Mercier lip pencil (natural)- Laura Mercier has amazing lip products and this one is definitely my fave from the lip pencils. It is the perfect natural looking pigment that I need to give my lips that no makeup look. I use this in-conjunction with the Kylie Cosmetics lip liner in Koko K. I fill in my lips with Koko and then line the outer part of my lips with Laura Mercier and blend it out so the colors mesh together. I keep it lighter in the center and then I go in and dab Yash or Hug Me by Mac Cosmetics lipstick all over. It honestly creates the most beautiful lip combination ever and looks so natural on. Needless to say i'm obsessed!

EX1 Inviswear Foundation (F200)- I have sadly avoided this foundation for months after receiving it because I completely misjudged the color and it is really dark on me by itself. So just this month I decided I would mix it with one of my lighter foundations and it truly was so fantastic. It blended flawlessly and left my skin with a smooth satin finish. I do think I am going to order the shade lighter too just because I would love to try it on its own. Overall, I know many bloggers and youtubers rave about this foundation and for the price you should try it too.

LUSH Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar- So i'm really sad about this one because this is my last Unicorn Horn bubble bar left and found it that it was limited edition. I believe it was a from a Valentines release and now they do not make it anymore, but because it is still one of my absolute faves i'm gonna tell you a little bit about it and maybe you can help me find something similar. First off the smell is just amazing. It exudes lavender and ylang ylang floral scents and makes the whole room smell like a spa when you pull it out of the bag. I personally struggle with anxiety and lavender is a good scent to relax you so thats one of the main reasons why I enjoy it so much. Also it obviously is a bubble bar and who doesn't love bubbles? Anyway if you have tried a similar bath bomb or bubble bar from Lush that has similar smells to this please leave a comment below and let me know. Also let me know which ones are your favorite in general so I can look into to some new scents!

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