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If anyone knows me they know I love skulls. Skull clothing, skull decor, skull accessories... the list could go on. So when I saw that this Metallica tee had skulls all over I freaked a bit. I know what everyone is thinking. Do you even listen to Metallica? Well the answer is no. I know the classics like Enter Sandman, Fade to Black, Seek & Destroy and a few others that I have heard but not necessarily could connect it to a title. To be honest I do not care what people think about me wearing a band shirt that I barely know. In my opinion people can wear whatever the f*** they want and it shouldn't matter. I bought this shirt for 1. my familiarity to the band and 2. because I love skulls. So if you want to wear a band tee and feel like you are being judged. Rule 1 is who cares! If some music snob is being an asshole and asks you annoying questions about what songs you know, ignore it. What I wear is always an expression of who I am and if I want to wear a band tee just because it has skulls on it, I can. I will not be limited just because someone else may have a negative opinion about it. Do what you want and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Now that we got that out of the way let's get into the styling on this look. I have always wanted a shirt that was big enough to basically wear as a dress. So when I found this shirt I wanted a larger size than I typically wear. I through on a pair of high waisted denim shorts so that it wasn't just a short shirt dress. For accessories I felt the hat made it more casual while the heels dressed it up which is exactly the happy medium I was going for. Lastly, is the denim choker that I made. I was cutting up a pair of old Zara jeans into shorts when I realized the hole on the jeans would look so sick as a choker. So I simply cut around it and used a pin to make it a choker. It is honestly one of the coolest accessories I own and it was super easy to make. If you have any old clothing or jeans you are planning to toss anyway make accessories out of it. You may be surprised it how cool it can turn out.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Shorts: Levi's Wedgie Shorts | Boots: Public Desire | Hat: Friend's Hat similar on Ebay | Denim Choker: Self-made

photography by Jillian Louise

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