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So here is another review on Kylie Jenner's liquid lipsticks. I may be late to this bandwagon but I thought since I now own three shades I should review them. From the get go I had my eyes set on the neutrals and at first those were the only ones available. Now she has a total of 7 shades with an 8th on the way that will be launching before April 2016. The first one I got my hands on thanks to my friend who owned the shade and didn't like it on herself was Candy K. When I first tried it I thought it was going to be a lot lighter than it was on the lips but evidently on my skin tone it is more of a deep nude. Below I separated in categories of what I think about the products in more detail.

The only color I have worn all day so far is Candy K because that is the one I owned the longest. The great part about this liquid lipstick is that it fades nicely instead of peeling off and crumbling. I have tried the liquid lipstick with a lip mask underneath and without and in general it definitely doesn't feel drying. However, I do prefer wearing a lip mask under all liquid lipsticks because it helps it adhere to something and it keeps you feeling moisturized longer in my opinion. The lip liner's also last pretty long but obviously not as long as the liquid lipstick.

The texture of all three of the liquid lipsticks are a very lightweight almost moussey feeling. The lip liners are honestly one of the best lip liners I have ever owned. They are incredibly creamy and just glide onto the lips so easily. 
The Colors: (liquid lipsticks from left) Candy K, Koko K and Dolce K

Liquid Lipstick and Liners Packaging
Everything about the liquid lipstick's and liners packaging I love. The dripping is consistently on everything but the liners. However the liners still look super slick without the dripping and show the color on the bottom. The boxes are super cute and also show the color of the product on the lips and on the outer rim of the box. On the box packaging that it is shipped in the dripping continues and when you open it it says Kylie in large capital letters with a note thanking you for purchasing the product inside. My only negative out of the packaging lies within the liquid lipsticks. The old wands were a lot more flexible and almost flat and pointed which helped with precision. The new wands are your typical cheap doe foot applicator and is basically identical to the Colour Pop wands. Obviously Colour Pop products are a lot cheaper so it makes sense but Kylie charges a lot more and still uses the cheap wand so it was a bit of a disappointment to see the wands change. 

From left: Bow n Arrow- Kat Von D, Soft Spoken- NYX Liquid Suede, Dolce K Liner, Dolce K Liquid Lipstick, Oak Liner-MAC,  Natural Lips-Laura Mercier,  Stripdown-MAC, Koko K Liner, Koko K Liquid Lipstick, Namaste- Tarteist Lip Paint, Midi- Colour Pop, Blankety- MAC, Candy K Liner, Candy K Liquid Lipstick, Abu Dhabi-NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream,  Celebrity Skin- Jeffree Star, 14 Kate Moss- Rimmel

(Also I have Beeper from Colour Pop and lost it somewhere but that is supposedly a good dupe for Candy K or Dolce K. I don't remember because I lost it before I got all of these.)

I understand some of these are not identical to each of the colors but this is from what I own personally. I'm sure there are better dupes out there for some of these colors but this is from my collection of makeup. Hope this review was helpful and in the future if you have any suggestions for reviews let me know in the comments below.

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