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Fashion Week is single handedly the most anticipated week(or month if you go to all of them) of a fashion bloggers life. This is the time that you as a fashion blogger get to wear eye catching outfits and stand out. You get to go to fashion week and experience all the new trends before they happen. This season I finally was able to be a part of that experience. Thanks to Polyvore I was able to attend for a few days. On the agenda was Rebecca Minkoff store tour, O'2nd Presentation, Rebecca Minkoff Show, and Diesel Store Opening and After-Party. As much as I was dying to attend more, I was and still am very grateful for the short trip to NYC. 
First stop was the Rebecca Minkoff store, however because we were early we stopped in Saint Laurent. In the above picture is Nadia trying to figure out which bag she liked more. It was a difficult decision but she went with the camo. Thanks to Nadia this bag is now on my wish list.
After Saint Laurent we went to the Rebecca Minkoff Store for a tech tour. In all my life I have never seen a retail store so high tech. When you walk in there is a giant touch screen where you can shop the latest items and even request someone to grab a drink for you! Next we got the news that we can pick any bag in the store that we liked, I went with this one fresh off the runway!

Next stop was the O'2nd Presentation and it was amazing. The mixture of textures, the bright bold colors, and different silhouettes all worked seamlessly together.

After the O'2nd Presentation we went to ABC Kitchen for dinner and of course it was delicious.
The next day was the big day, we got to go backstage before the Rebecca Minkoff show. Myself and my sister, who also got to attend Fashion Week, took over Polyvore's snapchat. We were able to witness so much backstage that it was a lot to take in but soon the fears of being in the way went away. I took videos of Catt Sadler from E News! interviewing Kate Bosworth. I also took photos of all the behind the scenes makeup, hair and nails setup. I also got to see Dev Windsor sneak some popcorn, along with the other models of course. After all the madness backstage it was time to take our seats and watch what we just witnessed backstage take form on the runway. (I had more videos of backstage hair and makeup and Dev Windsor walking to wardrobe but they won't upload properly).

After the Rebecca Minkoff show we had a lot of down time so we had our friend Christina Buscarino who is a photographer take photos for us. When we were done with that we made a quick trip to Soho for some lunch/early dinner and headed back to the hotel. When we got back it was time to get ready for the Diesel store opening. When we arrived we checked ourselves in and went in to see loud music and lots of people. We weren't at the store opening for too long but saw some familiar faces. We had just missed Chiara of The Blonde Salad and swear we saw A$AP Rocky. Now to the Diesel After Party and let me tell you it was a mess outside. There was one big line off to the side and a huge cluster of people claiming they knew people inside. Unfortunately even though we were on the list they wouldn't let anyone in due to the over capacity of people inside. With the weather being 7 degrees and with windchill it was probably below 0 degrees we all decided collectively that we didn't want to lose all our limbs from hypothermia. Although it didn't end on the best of notes it was still a great experience and I hope to be go back as soon as possible!

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