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Being short in the fashion world is tough, but it's not impossible. Although my height isn't runway height I still look up to all the trends I see on models 5''10 and up wear. I struggle to find that happy medium.  However I'm learning to just try it out and see how it goes. It may not work and that's okay but if I try it and its amazing it's a bonus. These two items in this look were those pieces to me. The pieces that I never thought I could wear because of my height. This dress almost goes down to my ankles and so does the coat yet I was pleasantly surprised it didn't make me look shorter. Maybe it's the high boots but in any case it worked and I loved it! So if you are on the shorter side like me, lesson learned here is to just go for it!
Dress: Zara  | Jacket: Zara (Unavailable) | Boots: Topshop | Handbag: Givenchy | Sunnies: Quay

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