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Hey everyone sorry for the hiatus, I hate making excuses and saying all the reasons why I have not blogged but there are a lot of reasons. On the positive side I am back with a new post with photos from sunny California! However, the day these photos were taken it wasn't very sunny but neither was my outfit. I have had this shirt dress for so long and could no wait to break it out and wear it in warm weather. It is a tad long on me as I am only 5'2" but I thought the slit up the side helped out and showed some more leg to make me appear a bit taller. I paired it with some high ankle socks with a "fun" saying on the side and all white sneakers. Quite a simple outfit, like most, but that is just my style!

Socks: Amazon
Sneakers: Nike
Necklaces: Forever21
Bag: Zara (Jill's)


  1. Cute! I'm creeping, but is that bralette from nasty gal? I think I bought the same one recently. :)

    1. sorry i forget to mention where i got it, but no its from free people. :)


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