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Hey guys! This week's post is all about black. Black is always my go to color and just looks good with everything. I must admit the inspiration for getting this crazy shirt was because of Zayn Malik. When I went to the One Direction concert in Philadelphia he was wearing this but in sweatshirt form. The real thing is Alexander Mcqueen and upwards of $300. Of course I did not have the money to make such a purchase so I spent my days after the show trying to find a dupe. And alas I found one! I was so excited, of course looking a few weeks later I found the sweatshirt version I had been longing for and it was cheaper than this tee but oh well. So since this tee was my long lusted for item I wanted that to stand out and give my outfit an edgy vibe. I paired these pointed sunnies with my textured leather leggings and lace up heels to really create an edgy look. Taking all the different textures of black is a way to take such a simple color and give it an edge.

Top: Aliexpress
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Ebay
Sunnies: Quay

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  1. Love this outfit! Black is always so chic. I like how this look is edgy yet chic. And those heels are absolutely lovely!


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