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I finally got my ombré back! I could not be happier about it and to change it up i got it cut short for the summer. It's a new look and I know many may think that I trying too hard to look like Kylie Jenner and I really do not need to defend myself on the subject. Other than it is my hair and I was planning on going ombré for the summer as soon as I got rid of it the last time. The only thing that was a change to me was getting a hair cut which I needed because my hair looks flat when it is super long. So anyway I am extremely happy with it and to anyone who changes their hair do it for you and how you want it to look and thats it! Also will probably had fun colors to it in the future! 


  1. Selfie game was so on point! Wow!

    You look soooo gorgeous (your makeup is flawless... Maybe a daily makeup routine post? What you wear on a daily basis??) and your hair looks fabulous! I'm thinking about going shorter as well!


  2. @kellystroh thank you thank you! and yeah i will probably make that post soon! and yes i would recommend short hair if you are looking for a fun change!

  3. love the hair! I was thinking of doing something exactly like this its perfect, was there a certain picture you showed your stylist? or a certain cut you asked for? just wondering for when I go get mine cut.. x


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