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Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and a happy April! Now that March is over I thought I'd show you a recap of what happened last month for me. These pictures are all from my Instagram which I will link down below if you want to check them out in further detail. 

Throughout this month I have been pretty busy with school and have not had much time for blogging or going on big clothing hauls but in February was my birthday and after going home in March for my spring break I got to see everything I ordered from than. So it looks like I went on big sprees in March when it was just really receiving everything ordered. It kinda felt like Christmas. Also March was pretty consistent if you couldn't tell of me pushing the boundaries of wanted spring a bit early. Aka my new Triangl bikini and some tanks and shorts for the upcoming months. I hope you all had a great March as well, and if not hopefully April will be better for you! Comment down below what your favorite thing about March was, if you feel like it! 


  1. Love your Triangl bikini! Might purchase one later in the year.

    Your so pretty!


    1. you should definitely get one if you can and ohh thank you so much so are you girlie! x

  2. Desperately want a triangl bikini! Lovely post :)x

    Lucy x


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