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 As festival season is approaching fast, I thought I would make a little guide/essentials of what you need to pack! 
1. Kimonos- Having a kimono or any kind of oversized sweater that is light but large can make your outfit such a statement. It can be plain or have a crazy pattern! Regardless having this is key to any of your outfits during festival season.
2. Tops- Any kind of crotchet crop top or light tops with cool prints and textures are what stand out and really look amazing! And of course bralets are huge during festival season and when it is really hot it is even acceptable to mainly wear it as a top with high waisted shorts and a kimono!
3. Bottoms- Denim destroyed shorts are obviously a must in any color but also any kind of flowy skirt that can either be long or short would be an amazing addition to your outfit!
4. Head Accessories- Fedora's are key the main colors are definitely black and tan but even a grey or colored one would add a spice to your outfit. If you aren't into the fedora you could wear a flower crow n or even a cool head piece! It is the perfect accessory to finalize your outfit! Also if you have ombré or blonde hair definitely go pick up some hair chalk, it is the perfect time to add some fun to your hair!
5. Backpacks- Any kind of fun backpack is perfect to carry around. Being outside all day let alone all weekend you are gonna need to carry something around, so might as well carry a fun backpack! Also if you aren't into carrying a backpack around a cool satchel would look awesome as well!

With all these essentials, I hope anyone going to any festival this season have a blast!

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  1. Coachella/Festival fashion is definitely one of my favorites! Everyone looks so cool and let's their inner gypsy out even if their normal style is completely polished and refined... So interesting! I always look forward to seeing what Vanessa Hudgens wears because she is seriously the queen! Love her style!

    Nice post, btw! I love everything you included!



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