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1. Dior Addict Lip Balm- This balm is honestly addicting, it is hydrating for the lips AND it gives you color it is truly amazing. My lips are thanking me.
2. iPhone 5s- I was very faithful to my iPhone 4s (even though I dropped it in the toilet once but it ended up being perfectly fine) and after having it over the time of my contract was up I thought it was time to upgrade! I got it recently and of course it is basically the same as the 4s but it is always fun to change things up plus I only paid $30 for it! Tip to anyone who has an upgrade for your phone, if you trade in your old one and it is in pretty good condition you basically pay nothing for a brand new phone!
3. Divergent- I saw Divergent the weekend it came out in theaters and I had not previously read the books although I did plan to. I literally loved the movie so much and could not wait to start reading the books. Currently I am only on the first book but I can not wait to see what happens in the next 2 books once I am done with the first one!
4. ASOS Dialog Slip Ons- These shoes are amazing, I still have not gotten to wear them a lot this month but I have tried, weather permitting. Let me just tell you that they are so eye catching and different and they basically jazz up any outfit. Unfortunately they are sold out for anyone who was interested but they constantly have new slip ons come on to ASOS so keep an eye out!
5. Batiste Dry Shampoo- I just bought this dry shampoo a few days ago after wanting it for ages and let me tell you it really works! Not too much I can say about it other than when you really need your hair to not be greasy for one day this will surely help you out!
(I got the dark and dark brown tinted one)
6. Miley Cyrus-Marc By Marc Jacobs Tee- I am not even kidding you when I say I may have worn this shirt like every day this month. I wear it every night to bed and whenever I can wear it out I do. People always are like "is that a naked Miley Cyrus on your shirt" and I have to explain that it is for a good cause and maybe find it more acceptable. Regardless I would not care what people say because I love this shirt, I love Miley, and I love Marc Jacobs.
7. Glam Glow Tingl-exfoliate Treatment- My skin has not been on my side this month and this has helped my skin from being super dry to not so bad. I have prescribed skin medicine and it really has dried out my skin and this has really helped me out. Exfoliators are obviously supposed to clean out your pores and all that but since my skin has been unbearably dry I am so thankful that it also gets rid out my dry skin. I mean not completely but it really has helped clear up some problems recently, I almost prefer this over the Glam Glow SuperMud Mask.
8. Etsy Cartier Love Ring & Bracelet- I am incredibly happy I bought these when I did because now I barely see these products on Etsy which makes me a little sad cause I want more. But I wear the ring and bracelet literally everyday and if I could afford the real ones, trust me the would quickly be mine. Since I cannot afford the real ones these are an excellent replica and they make me so happy!

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  1. Yayyyy, I love it when everyone starts publishing their monthly favorites! Currently working on mine, actually.

    Yes, Divergent was amazing (saw it again last night) and I have the book waiting for me on my bookshelf... I have to wait a bit though because I have been reading Perks of Being a Wallflower (Finally found one with the original cover!) but once I'm done with that, definitely going to start Divergent.

    Love post!



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