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1. Beauty
Dior Nude Skin- This foundation is so amazing and feels so light on the skin, it gives you a nice glow but not greasy. I was previously using the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and it is an incredible foundation because it is so light but it seemed to be a bit more drying on my skin in the cold winter weather which is not what my skin needs right now. So I went to Nordstrom and tried on different foundations and loved this one! It really is a fabulous flawless finish foundation with medium coverage! Highly recommended!
Dior Nude Skin Compact- This powder is really nice to help just even out your skin tone a bit more after foundation and helps cover any shine you are looking to get rid of. 
Dior Petal Blush- I have been wanting this blush for so long and it was sold out everywhere I looked, but finally got my heads on it this month! It is such a beautiful pink on the cheeks to make you look like you just ran a bit and got flushed cheeks. It is just so natural looking(depending how much you put on) and so beautiful! High recommend! 
2. Lips
Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm- Okay, this is the most amazing lip balm on the planet. I am in love, I cannot leave my apartment/house without it! This lip balm isn't just your "run of the mill" lip balm! It doesn't just hydrate your lips! I am going to quote Nordstrom's website on this to tell you what this amazing product does "Nobody will ever kiss quite like you with Dior's sensationally sheer lip balm that responds to the color chemistry of your own lips to create a shade uniquely yours. Smooth it on to moisturize, add sun protection and enhance your own natural lip color instead of hiding it." INCREDIBLE! So when you put on boring old chapstick/balm it stays that boring old plain color but this is like a lipstick and a lip balm in one! Truly amazing highly recommend!
Collection by Little Mix "Perrie Lipstick"- So I was debating on getting this for a long time because I already have Up the Amp by Mac which is pretty similar but double the price. I opted to not get it but still wanted it so bad. Then my best friend Jill ended up getting it for me for my birthday and naturally I freaked out! For one Perrie is my favorite from Little Mix and two I love purple lipstick! I am so happy I finally have it to add to my collection and it really is a great lipstick that just glides on your lips!
3. Style Queen
Kylie Jenner- Okay so this girl has been influencing my style for I can not even imagine how long, I want to say 2011-2012 but I can't remember. Her style has changed quite a bit from what I remember her style to be but she is getting older and I am loving this style so much more. Her style is so edgy and rocker which I love to try to embody in every outfit post I can. One of my favorite things every when I see something in fashion is skulls and Kylie kills that when she wears it! Literally I do not think that there is anything she can not rock like no lie. She is 4 years younger than me yet I look up to her 'style wise'. Regardless I am obsessed and know I will be for years to come. Keep it up Ky!
4. Fashion
Gojane Choker- Clearly my style is influenced by Kylie and when I saw her wear a necklace similar to this at her family christmas party I nearly died. So I had to pick one up this necklace on the website said it serves as both a necklace and a bracelet because it has a lot of links on the end so it gives room to adjust it for a bracelet as well! AKA bonus! Incredibly happy with this!
CDG Converse- I ordered these back in December while I was in LA but did not get to see them until February because I had them sent to my house. I am so happy to finally have them. I desperately needed a new pair of black converse so why not get these ones! My old ones were from like 7th grade and falling apart so yeah these were long over due! 
Chanel Loafers- These shoes are literally my pride and joy. I have been lusting over them for so long and basically lost hope when I saw they were sold out everywhere and were last season. So I moved on , but in late January/ early February I decided to stop in the Chanel store on Newbury Street in Boston, MA. I walked in a lone behold they were in the store. My luck of course, I did not have the money then so I had to wait and the man working there told me that the pair they had were the only pair in my size left in the country. Needless to say I felt like crying. Plus the pair they had weren't even the leather ones it was the patent ones( I wanted the leather ones) but I didn't even care I just wanted a pair. So basically I stalked eBay and nothing was ever online in my size. But one night I was just sadly browsing and a pair of leather ones pulled up in my exact size and I caved and bought them! Sorry for the long story but I had to tell you the struggles of finding sold out Chanel shoes! Anyway these loafers are amazing and I can't wait to break them out in S/S.
5. Glam Glow
I have been trying to get a hold of these masks for a while now and just keep getting samples at Sephora temporarily until I could purchase it! Best masks ever let me tell you! The Supermud is my favorite because it is cleansing and it seems to really even out my skin. The hydrating mask is well hydrating, you leave it on overnight and when you wake up your skin feels so lovely! I only had a sample of this but 100% plan on getting a full size soon! The exfoliator also does a really fabulous job at getting rid of dead skin while making the skin super soft! Love these so much and I highly recommend to everyone!
6. Music
Imagine Dragons- I have only a few songs of theirs but literally all the ones I have I am obsessed with! I can't wait to start listening to more of their album. Also I am incredibly obsessed with the Radioactive collab with Kendrick Lamar like seriously favorite song!
Miley Cyrus- Miley has been in my favorites before when her album actually came out but I have still been listening to it non-stop and I think "Rooting for My Baby" may be my favorite. Everything about her album is different and crazy but so good! Some of the songs I kind of stay away from, I don't even know the titles of them to tell you just because it's gonna take some getting used to listening that part of her music as I was an avid Hannah Montana/Old Miley Cyrus fan. Regardless love her music, love her and seriously wish I was going to her concert!
5 Seconds of Summer- Their new song is everything everyone has been waiting for and it surely is incredible! Their whole album that everyone has been waiting so long for will be incredible. Just from hearing this song and listening to some of the live versions of other songs that may be on the album, I literally can not wait! Some of my fave songs from everything that I have heard by them are:
Voodoo Doll
Green Light
She Looks So Perfect
Heartbreak Girl
Try Hard
Out of My Limit
I Miss You(Cover)
Wherever You Are

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