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Finally back! I have been incredibly busy with school and just have not had the time to make a post for you guys. In addition to not having much time, since i been home the weather has been dreadful and with today being my last day at home I wanted to throw in a bit of time for a post before I get on my flight to go back to school. Today I thought I'd pair a bit of new pieces in my closet with a bit of some of the classics that I have. Of course the leather jacket was thrown in just because it always adds more to any outfit. Today was pretty simple as I will most likely be wearing this to the airport. What have been some of your winter go to's this year so far? Let me know below 

Sweater: American Apparel
Jeans & Shoes: Topshop
Sunglasses: Quay
Hat: BP Nordstrom
Ring: Etsy (Cartier)
Jacket: Zara (Sold Out)


  1. Obsessed with this! That color purple looks soo nice on you Ari xx

  2. That sweater is lovely! As far as my winter "go to's" this year... Definitely leggings and a pair of ankle boots.

  3. You look lovely! That jumper is gorgeous! x Laura


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