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1. Beauty
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua- This has become my new favorite foundation. Its so light, it feels like your second skin! It says it gives light coverage but can be buildable. The color matches my skin tone very well and it just feels like nothing on my skin but looks flawless! It is a small bottle but you do not have to use a lot to get the look you are going for. I do not really even have to use setting powder with this foundation but you 100% can if you want to! Its a great foundation and high quality I recommend everyone tries this!
Hourglass Veil Primer- I have never used a primer before but recently tried it while in LA thanks to my best friend Jill. She told me to try it, as she has before and loved it! So I gave it ago and so far, it is really nice and lovely on the skin. It feels light and smooth. I definitely think it is good to have a primer now because it gives your foundation a base that your skin truly needs! 
Anastasia Brow Fix- So this may sound weird but if I could only pick a few makeup products to use everyday it would probably be mascara, foundation and have my brows done. I am always looking to get the best brow products and having them look a certain way. I know I am not the only one that loves a bold brow! I just can not stand when my brows are not filled in so I wanted to add this product into my life to help keep my brows bold. It is really great in making my brows dark and the powder from my MAC Charcoal Brown eyeshadow stay on all day! I love this product and I highly recommend it!
2. Style Queen
Lily Aldridge- Lily has been one of my favorite VS models for such a long time, as well as Miranda Kerr of course. Lily is just so fabulous and one of my style queens! She dresses casual but she makes it look sophisticated and effortless. I just can not get enough! By far she is a style icon for me and I feel she needs to be more appreciated! I'm obsessed and everyone else should be too! If you do not know Lily and her fab style go check her out! You will not regret it!
3. Favorite Trend
Ripped Jeans- Now even if this was not a huge trend in the month of December, I have been obsessing over the look. From big stars to just regular fashionistas on the street ripped jeans is a trend that I hope never dies! Now some ripped jeans take this trend a little too far, don't get me wrong but with subtle grungy rips, jeans like this can make such an impact on an outfit. 
4. Accessories 
Topshop Cossack- This hat is the most perfect hat for the type of weather that I have been experiencing/going to experience in the cold months of winter. It keeps my head super warm while giving my outfit a super cute touch! The hat comes in such a range of colors too on Topshop's website! If you do not have one, definitely go to your nearest Topshop store or online!
Alexander Wang Rockie- I have been obsessed with this Wang bag for I can not even count how manny months. When I finally had saved enough money I jumped on my opportunity! At first I wanted the Rocco which is much bigger and the zipper is different but the weight difference of the bag was so significant that I personally could not deal with. The Rocco is very heavy due to it's size and the studs on the bottom even with nothing in the bag. I was so sad but when I noticed that the Rockie was much lighter and still had the same look I was so ecstatic! Before I got my Rockie that I currently have I was about to purchase the Rockie with brass detailing but I felt that if anyone has the Rockie/Rocco that style and color was the most bought. I wanted to get a bag that was different and unique and as soon as I saw the iridescent Rockie I was in love! It is literally so amazing! Recommend to the thousandth degree, it is perfect and is such a different piece to have in your life!
5. Entertainment
American Horror Story-The first time I ever watched American Horror Story was the first episode of season 2 when it aired last year. I did not know what the premise of the show was at all I just heard a lot of good things about it! I was weirded out and did not continue watching after that one episode last season. So I tried it again this season when it aired in October and of course I became obsessed with it! So once I got home for Christmas break I was dying to watch the first two seasons and once I got them for Christmas I watched the first season within a few days! And that season then became my favorite. Then I just finished the second season and then thought that season was my favorite! I literally can not choose and every season is intense, creepy, gross, sexual, but yet the most amazing show you will ever watch! They all have meaning and stories and messages in every season and it is all just so brilliant! Go watch it, it is truly fantastic!

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