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So I have received a few messages regarding wanting reviews on these two coats so I thought i'd make a post about it for you all!
Sheinside Black Quilted Leather Sleeves Coat- I absolutely love this coat! Ever since the Zara coat sold out, that looks exactly like this one, I have been searching forever for it. Sadly, they were all extremely overpriced on eBay and I was beginning to lose hope. But I found this coat on Sheinside, I was skeptical at first but was happy when my product finally arrived! It is quite a thin coat, so it is more a fall/spring coat more than winter. I got a size small and it is a bit small in the sleeves so wearing sweaters is kinda difficult depending on how thick it is. So if you want it to fit bigger I would say size up. But overall it is a fabulous coat and looks great with everything. 10/10
Topshop Parka Petite- So I bought this coat back in August when I visited LA, knowing it would be the perfect winter coat! The whole coat can detach to remove the inners(the fur) to become a coat for warmer temperatures as well. It is a fabulous coat and the hood is extremely awesome! Its very warm and cozy, I have been wearing every day for the past few months and it really has kept me warm with all the cold weather. It is definitely a must have coat for the winter season. 10/10

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