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1. Fragrances
Justin Bieber The Key- Seriously this may possibly be one of my favorite fragrances ever! It is light and sweet and smells so delicious! I recommend!
One Direction Our Moment- Surprised at how much I liked this! It smells sweet but not too strong, it is really lovely!
Philosophy Giving Grace- One of their new fragrances and it smells amazing! Its very light and airy and just smells so fresh. Which all their fragrances do but I really love this one its wonderful!
2. Beauty
Watts Up Highlighter- I have this item as a mini sample version from a while ago but just recently brought it back out to use and its great! I love it, all you have to do it glide it on and rub it in and it highlights everything perfectly!
Clarisonic- I used to use this a few years ago and stopped because I thought it was making my skin worse... I was clearly wrong. My skin is not terrible but I get breakouts and blackheads like everyone else so I really want to start a new method and get my skin clean and clear. So I actually restarted using this like 3-4 months ago but my skin was not the best this month and this really helped me out. So I really recommend this for anyone who is struggling with their skin.
Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner- Literally swear by this eyeliner, it is my holy grail eyeliner! I have had this product for so long now and I think maybe close to a year and just keep repurchasing it! It is waterproof and does not budge all day but when you wash it out with face wash or eye remover it comes right off! I am literally obsessed with it, definitely try out this product if you have not already!
3. Clothing & Shoes
Leigh Jeans- I probably have worn these jeans all month, not even joking. They are perfect, so comfortable and go with absolutely everything.
Sheinside Coat- Just posted a short review on this below so check that out and see why I love it so much!
Lacoste Serenac Boots- I have also worn these boots so much this month! I got them last year but they are amazing! There is fur material on the inside and are just super cute and comfortable combat boots!
4. Favorite Trend
I did not think that this would become one of my favorite trends but I am just absolutely loving it. Especially when it just placed as the attention of the outfit and then everything else it understated! Literally obsessed and the Topshop shoes are absolutely to die for! Of course Rihanna is rocking the trend, as she always rocks every trend.
5. Entertainment
Little Mix Salute- Such an amazing album! Could not say enough fabulous things about these girls and this album! It is really such a great step forward for their sophomore album, I love the vibe! A few of my favorite songs are: Little Me (Unplugged), These Four Walls, About the Boy, Towers, & Salute!
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire- After reading the books a few years ago, and after seeing the first movie I was highly anticipating this movie! Let me tell you it did NOT disappoint! It was incredible. I believe that it was better than the first one and everyone should go see it for themselves.
Thor: The Dark World: Love Thor, Love Loki, and I love this movie. Even if it was not the best sequel ever, these movies are literally my favorite things in the whole world. I would definitely go see it if you are into these types of movies!
One Direction Midnight Memories- Seriously do I even need to tell you all about how amazing this album is? I am pretty sure that we all can recognize how mature and insane this album is! They all sound incredible and Louis and Niall had more solos and it was just amazing! Go listen to the album and just here the beauty for yourselves! Now I am obsessed with every single song but here are a few of my faves: Little White Lies, Midnight Memories, Strong, Happily, Better Than Words & Don't Forget Where You Belong.

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