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1. Clothes
Topshop Petite Parka-Literally, so perfect and warm for the weather that has been coming at the end of this month.
Forever 21 Los Angeles Jumper- So amazing and comfy for the month of October, wore it so many times(although I probably shouldn't have). It is just a really easy piece to throw on with a pair of jeans and some converse or even boots to dress it up. Really recommend it!
Topshop Jumpsuit- Now, I lusted over this as soon as I saw it on the beautiful Perrie Edwards of Little Mix. When I went to go look if this was still available on the Topshop website it was out of stock. I know what a let down. So i checked Nordstrom's website because they have Topshop items as well. To my surprise it was on there! I had to wait to purchase it until I had a bit more money and then purchased it! Best purchase ever! It goes with everything, you can dress it up or down its perfect. And the even crazier part is I got one of the last ones. It was fate.
2. Makeup
Mac Touch Lipstick- This color is perfect for fall/winter! It is a deep taupey-nude with a bit of maroon/burgundy color to it! It is fabulous and creamy. I highly recommend everyone go try it out.
Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder- I have been dying to get this product for many many months now and finally went and bought it. So far, (its only been a day) and it is a great product. I bought Creamy Natural and i'm not 100% if thats my correct shade but its really hard to tell when you can not try it on. But for now i think it will do, I may try Sandstorm or Transparent but regardless it's a great product that does what is says. Definitely recommend.
3. Food
Candy Corn & Reese's-  Of course, this is probably everyone's "favorite food" for the month but how could it not be! I always look forward to candy corn every Halloween so I was exstatic to get my hands on some! Also Reese's but you can really have those any time of the year.
4. Home 
Bath & Body Works Candles- My mom sent me these candles in the mail, and I could not wait to use them. They smell delicious and are just perfect scents for the month of October. (Scents are Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin & Pumpkin Cupcake)
5. Favorite Trend
Animal Print- I have been loving the animal print trend a lot! Wearing it with all black with that staple coat, or shoes, or handbag it just really makes your outfit stand out but look classy at the same time. Danielle Bernstein is one of my favorites to rock the trend.
6. Media/Entertainment 
Paranormal Activity- The month of October is one of my favorite months because of the amazingness of scary movies. I used to like some scary movies when I was little and then I saw The Ring and immediately blocked off all scary movies. But last year, during my freshman year of college, my friends really pushed me to watch more and let me tell you i'm so happy I did. So this month, I have watched a huge variety of scary movies but the Paranormal Activity movies have been my favorite by far. They have the perfect element of scary that make you not want to stop after one movie. Highly recommend these movies (third one is crazy good).
Justin Bieber Heartbreaker Single- I'm not sure if many of you know but for a few weeks now Justin Bieber as been releasing new singles every Sunday night at Midnight and calling it #MusicMonday. He has released 4 songs now but this one is by far my favorite. Its actually a really good song and I recommend everyone have a listen.
Little Mix Move Music Video- This music video is truly perfect. It kind of makes you reminisce on old girl bands. Its like a mixture of the Pussycat Dolls and the Spice Girls, but they made it their own and it's amazing! Their vocals, their dance moves, everything its just a really great video, go check it out!
One Direction Story of My Life- Last but not least, One Direction's amazing heartfelt new single off their new album, Midnight Memories. When this song was released I was on the train to head to class and I was frantically searching to find a link to the song. When I finally found it and quickly clicked on it and slightly freaked out just from the first note of the song. To be honest, I almost teared up on the train. It was so brilliant and their voices sounded so flawless. There are so many people out their that do not give these boys enough credit and I hope that these people can see what true talents they are after hearing this song. Its such a wonderful song and I can not wait to see the video.

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  1. I am in love with the new One Direction Single, and Move, and basically everything you else you mentioned. Lovely post as always x


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